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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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uch you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ hillary clinton makes history tonight. millions of voters in six states casting their
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today in tonight's both hillary clinton and donald trump calling their achievements historic. steve handelsman is in brooklyn tonight. tonight, here at the brooklyn navy yard this is a hillary party. the clinton crowd in brooklyn counted down. 8 p.m., the polls closed in new jersey and soon hillary was projected the winner. >> hillary clinton the projected winner. >> the sign was up in brooklyn, history. hong kong -- we all owe so much to those who came before and
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>> bernie sanders stayed in california campaigning to the end. he moved millions of americans, reawakened leftist politics in america and he told lester holt his movement has not lost. >> i'm going to be meeting with our supporters to figure out the best way forward so that we have a government which represents all of us. >> reporter: trump did not give the night to clinton appears before she did. >> to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms. >> reporter: clinton tonight is focused on beating sanders in california. >> people here in the district were watching hillary clinton's historic night tonight. shomari stone continues our team coverage now in northwest washington. >> reporter: good evening. this is unprecedented. hillary clinton making
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as the first female presidential presumm presumptive nominee. look outside right now. 150 people are waiting for returns to come in. voters in six states are holding presidential primaries or caucuses can. based on the latest numbers, nbc news already named clinton the presumptive nominee. we have reaction regarding this historic moment. >> it's a historic night. what's going through your mind? >> exciting. >> it feels like i could do anything. if hillary clinton can do it why can't i? it is pretty cool. >> i was at a second grade class at watkins elementary on capitol hill where i read a book about why there had never been a girl president. i could tell those girls and boys that we were on our way to having a female president. >> that was d.c. mayor. worth mentioning that clinton
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first female president. we will have to wait and see what happens. live in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. at the live desk. we heard donald trump announce he will make a major speech about hillary clinton next monday and tonight he sounded like a man locked in on the general election. >> tonight we closed one chapter in history and begin another. >> reporter: trump gave a speech that focused more on issues than insults. help already issued a statement promising to stop talking about the mexican-american judge presiding over the lawsuit against trump university. house speaker ryan and other republicans condemned trump's criticism of the judge and the senator said he could not support him as the nominee. tonight trump said he is ready to accept the responsibility of carrying the mantle of the republican party. >> i will never, ever let you down. too much work, too many
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never going to let you down. i will make you proud of your party and our movement and that's what it is, a movement. >> again, he's promising to deliver a speech focused on going after clinton early next week. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> thank you, chris. waiting for the california primary numbers to come in. our decision 2016 coverage will continue on-line and on your phone. check nbc and make sure you have downloaded the washington app. we are learning montgomery county fire and rescue pulled a body out of the river officials say a hiker noticed the body near great falls this evening. rescue crews moved in and found the body down river 9 up:30 tonight. police are investigating what caused the death. we are learning from the mother of a prince georges
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his killer with the blink of an eye. >> it was an historic moment in a courtroom today. j a man was paralyzed by the shooting but identified the shooter by blinking at a photo of him. pate later died and prosecutors had to fight to get the blinking evidence admitted in court. for the first time ever in maryland the judge ruled in their favor. his mother was emotional after the verdict. >> it was hard, real hard. i'm glad he got justice and i'm glad it is over. i'm just glad it is over. my son can rest in peace now. >> reporter: he faces life plus 20 years in prison. >> also new at 11:00, a group that provides services to people with developmental disabilities is asking for help. the arc of prince georges county did not receive funding in t
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county's fiscal 2017 budget. in contrast the group says montgomery county dedicated $12 million to disability providers. >> our ability to pay staff will be diminished. the impact is more than $1 million. aside from family members, we support 50 employees in the area who hire people with disabilities. >> in a statement the county said the disability provider should work with the stage to improve wages paid to employees since they have contracts with the state and not the county. weather changes coming after another day of temperatures in the upper 80s. we are looking for the 70s and some of us 50s. doug, this is a big change. >> this is a storm team 4 weather update. >> a big change for sure. whe hit 87 today and have hit 88 twice so far this year and tomorrow a much different story. look at the numbers.
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58 back to the west in pittsburgh. 59 state college. that's the cool air moving in. tomorrow stepping out the front door you may need the jacket. 68 in the city and many of you in this 50s tomorrow. we will warm but not much. high temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than earlier today t. high of 73 tomorrow. some of you may struggle to reach the 70 degree mark. breezy and cool tomorrow. looking great later this week and tracking the weekend rain chances. i amtr i'm tracking it all. >> what you can see behind us is what many of you experienced in d.c. packed intersections and slow going on the way home. >> oh what a mess. with safe track underway more of you are driving and it could be a while before someone helps you get through the intersections faster. last week, more traffic con
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officers would be at critical intersections but today she said those additional officers haven't been hired yet. >> this is not a plan we had a year to prepare for or a couple of months, but several weeks. we are expecting the brunt of the impacts in the district to happen over the course of a couple of surges. so we will gear up as fast as possible. >> 20 officers should be hired by the end of the month and another 20 by the fall. today the d.c. council unanimously approved a raise of the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. they hammered out the increase after activists were on the verge of putting it on the november ballot. officials say 14% of city workers, 125,000 people earn minimum wage and will benefit from these changes. workers who get tips on the job will see minimum wage of
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an hour plus tips rise to $5 an hour by 2020. police are looking for the man who grabbed a girl as she walked to school this morning. it happened on silver brook road in lorton. before 8 a.m. the girl is 16 years old and said the man grabbed her around the waist. she screamed. he ran away and she ran to south county high school and told officials what happened. police are working with the victim to get more detailed description of the suspect. the verdict in the capitol hill rain case could come tomorrow. jury deliberations will continue in the trial of antwan pitt. he's accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside of her home last october. he is also accused of committing a series of crimes over two weeks including cutting off his gps ankle monitor before the attack. more than 22,000 free tickets are now available to the public for mohammad ali's funeral services
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and the interfaith memorial on friday. the family had to expand the amount of space for the service. the governor ordered the state flag be flown at half staff on friday. something needs to be done. what residents are saying about a crash that killed three family members and the dangerous intersection that remains. the video that has a lot of you reacting on facebook tonight. a mother holds on desperately to her child being dragged away in a grocery store. concern about the zika virus continues. it has brazilian auoritiesth
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disturbing video tonight of an attempted abduction caught on surveillance camera. it happened at a dollar general store in florida. police say the man in the video walked up to a 13-year-old girl and her mother, grabbed the girl and tried to drag her out of the store. a tug of war followed before he finally let go and ran. a store manager flagged down an off-duty police officer who happened to be in the parking lot. the man was arrested. emotional pleas to improve a dangerous intersection in bethesda more than three months after three family members were killed and a fourth seriously injured in a car crash. jackie bensen is live at walt whitman high school with details. >> reporter: changing that intersection has been a topic through years of crashes and near misses but member of the
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after what happened in february it must change this time. >> unfortunately when there are tragedies and time passes, often people forget about the tragedy. >> reporter: walt whitman high school principal voiced the raw feelings that brought people to the school's auditorium on these by siz eve of graduation. a terrible crash february 27th claimed the life of thomas michael, a whitman senior and his parents. his sister helena barely survived the crash that killed her family. >> we predicted this would likely happen. we felt each day it didn't happen we were lucky, fortunate, maybe even wrong but eventually we were proven to be, our fears were proven to be well founded. >> the other side of river road.
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>> reporter: the discussion of options including closing the road and installing a traffic signal grew emotional with a need to get it right and do it soon to prevent another family tragedy. >> in other parts of montgomery county, we have blinking lights, speed cameras, people making sure that people stop when the kids are going to cross the intersection. it doesn't take much money to do a good solution, to force people to slow down. >> the family's surviving child will receive her brother's diploma at graduation tomorrow. live at bethesda, jackie bensen, news 4. zika virus cases are dropping fast. that's the message from health officials in brazil as rio de janeiro gets ready to host the olympics in august. health officials say there were 4,000 new cases in march. and fewer than 100 new cases. they say by august, temperatures
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fewer than 20 people attending the games to contract the virus. still american health officials say it is too risky for pregnant women from the u.s. to make the trip there. the world health organization says the games do not need to be cancelled, but they are calling for an emergency zika summit next week. growing fears in florida after the state was battered by trorp colin. it traveled with torrential rain and damaging winds flooding low-lying areas. the governor is concerned the standing water will be a greeding ground for mosquitoes. scott is now urging florida residents to clear their homes of standing water if they can. he is also asking for federal assistance. >> zika virus will be hard to fight. none of the remains of that tropical storm effecting us, though. >> no, that is moving out of here and we had a cold
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canadian air. it was a beautiful crescent moon and the extreme whiteness of the moon because of the clear skies, the canadian air sometimes we like it, not tomorrow. high of 87 degrees. the second warmest day of the year. we have had a few 87s and two 88 degrees. we have been on the mild side for the the most part. no 90s yet. very warm today. much different story stotomorro. you can walk outside and you start to feel what's coming. speaking of what's coming, look at oakland, garrett county 50 degrees. they will be in the 40s on the. 65 martinsburg. 70 to quantico. the cool air slowly sliding to the south. nothing to show on the radar as you see here. here's what we saw earlier. a couple of showers made their way
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one severe thunderstorm warning but didn't amount to much. a cold front around and area of low pressure to new england. that is spinning through. another area of low pressure, strong one, too. that is coming out of canada and it will race through tomorrow. that could give us a chance of a shower during the morning. another cold front will usher in colder air. 58 pittsburgh, 58 state college. that's the cold air coming in here. the impact forecast for tomorrow on the low side. so you know it will be rather cool and breezy. you may need the jacket tomorrow. thursday morning you will need the jacket. i will show you those in a minute. watch out for the isolated shower around lunchtime. most of us will remain dry. breezy and much cooler. highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. average high is 83. we will be ten below average during the day tomorrow. that is with plenty of sun. high of 78
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notice the low. 56 in the city. what about the suburbs? 50 frederick and 49 luray. we go back up by friday. 50 degrees and a fantastic friday. looks great. high of 83 on saturday. 30% chance of a shower and next week looks fantastic. maybe one of the better seven-day forecasts we have seen so far this year as we are dealing with some 80s. we saw some in april, a couple of seven-day forecasts that were pretty good, we did not see any in the month of may. >> feels like we have been waiting a while for this. >> i think it will feel pretty good. >> thank you, doug. coming up, why the
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jason is joining us now. nats looking strong tonight. >> they got down early but battled back. >> like that. >> absolutely. we have not seen joe ross struggle like this all season long especially on the road. going in toe game, he has the best era amongst the nats starters and give him credit tonight. after threeing 39 pitches in the first inning he hung in there and went five innings for baker. ross looking for his sixth win of the season. we pick it up in the bottom of
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on. he will take ross deep to center field. that a two-run shot and the nats find themselves down 5-2. that is his 19th home run of the season. top of the fourth, here we go. already with a double in this game he crushes this one to the left. that's a two-run blast. the nats within a run at this point. at the top of the fifth, bryce harper looking for his first hit of the game. turned out to be a big one. over the outfielder's head, jayson werth comes in to score and nats lead 6-5. they tack on four more in the sixth. they lead this 1 a0-5 in the eighth inning. bottom of the second, he pitches
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he will fly out. he would have some parting words. manny at bat. >> oh! >> he doesn't like it. gives him a punch to the face and a ddt. the bench is cleared. both guys hit the showers early. when order was restored, mark trumbo disrupted a bit. his 20th home run of the season. davis added another homer as well. o's beat the royals. afterwards adam jones put it best. >> i'm glad for manny defending himself. screw it. defend yourself. if someone is trying to hurt you defend yourself. i hope the league goes and sees and reviews what happened. >> when someone is throwing 99 at you it is something that will hurt. you can ruin somebody's career. that is all that matters is we came out with a w. >> to the pitch now, nice night for soccer. soldier field. soccer fans showing support for
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on costa rica. 37th minute. u.s. up 1-nil. a penalty kick to jones. team usa just getting started. four minutes later, from dempsey he finds bobby. his back to the goal but turns and as soon as it passes the keeper, the united states win by 3-nil -- or go on to win by a final of 4-nil after the goal. >> good stuff. >> nasty fight on the baseball field. >> you saw that coming early in this game, thgh. ou
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why did the ducks cross the road you ask? we don't really know but these ducks cross the road with a police escort. check it out. drivers on a phoenix area high were treated to a rare sight as the family of ducks took a stroll across the highway. the department of public safety trooper stepped in and escorted this little group across the freeway. do you see shomari in the scene. >> you have to read the rest of that. >> reportedly there were no ruffled feathers or -- >> go ahead. >> or quack ups. >> we read it. they write it. how about the cold weather. we will wake up and need some feathers in the morng
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tomorrow morning will be cool. some areas upper 40s. 56 in the city. high of 78. 80 on friday. we have phenomenal weather the next couple of days. tomorrow the only cool day, no the best pool day. >> that is a haiku. we'll get some of those.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ethan hawke, freddy prinze jr., musical guest


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